Acute and chronic pain

Elisabeth has many years experience in treating both acute and chronic pain with acupuncture. If the pain is acute, pain relief with acupuncture is often immediate. A few treatments are usually enough for your body to recover. If you have chronic pain, it may take time to relieve the pain. However, during the actual treatment the pain normally disappears completely and this period of time usually increase for every treatment.

For those with chronic pain there may be adjunctive therapies such as individually proven nutritional and herbal supplements, but also moxa (a kind of herb akin to Mugwort) as well as qigong exercises. Worth mentioning is that some people with chronic pain may find pain release only with a series of acupuncture treatments and dietary advice.

For the best treatment result, it is sometimes necessary to learn how your chronic pain is effected by the food you eat. It is also important to make sure you carry out proper exercise and get enough rest. You will get help and advice with respect to these issues during your treatment, so that you have good tools for the future.