Prices for retailers

Hi everyone!

All Elhindra products were up-dated for 5G during autumn 2018.  The new products are made in two varieties, one for Electro-sensitive people and one for non-Electrosensitive. We call products for Electro-sensitive people for 5Gs. A normal protection is called 5G. You see the two new logos below.

For your information:  The protection for cellphones is somewhat weaker than the protection for keyrings. However, both have a full protection for 5G. The bracelets are made so that all people can use them. In other words, it is a sensitive chip in all bracelets.

Earth radiation changed vigorously during 2018, i.e. the radiation net became wider. From this follows that people are more affected by this radiation. The Earth radition protection is therefore up-dated to give an optimal protection in your homes.

If you have new bracelets left that you have not yet sold, please send them to us and we can exchange them free of charge. If you have customers who want to upgrade their old bracelets to a 5G version, please collect them and send them back to us. We can offer a 20% discount for the new Bracelet. This offer is valid until July 1st 2019.

Plastic bracelets, keyrings, cellphones and earth protectors are not exchanged. However, you can still use them for electrical devices etc.

Best wishes,

Thomas & Elisabeth