Prices for retailers

Hello everyone,

We are proud to inform that the new updated Elhindra is ready. The protection is powerful and we hope that you and your customers will love it!

There are two different chips in this updated Elhindra version. One chip is in the new Earth Protector and the other one is in the rest of the products. Thus, there is no sensitive chip. We recommend that very Electrosensitive customers start using Elhindra for a few minutes and then gradually wear it longer.

Elhindra’s design is new and we hope that every customer will find their favorite.  There are four different keyrings, we call them “Elhindra flower”, “Elhindra fairytale”,  “Elhindra nut” and “Elhindra symbol”.  There is one Cellphone Protector.

We still make Elhindra leather bracelets, Elhindra Sport bracelet and Elhindra necklace. Their design has not been changed.

As mentioned earlier, the Earth protector has a different chip. It can be used both in small flats and bigger houses/buildings. The Earth protector works by placing it flat on the floor. Like before, the Earth protector should be placed on the ground floor (or in the basement if present). A person cannot wear the Earth protector, it is too strong.

We have decided not to rise the prizes of Elhindra until 1st of January 2022 due to the Corona crisis.

For customers that have leather bracelets and wish to update, we offer a 25% discount until the 15th of April. Please make sure that everyone marks the bracelet with their name. It would be great if you return all bracelets together in one envelope. When the bracelets are updated, we send them back to you. We cannot send them straight to your customers, because there are too many.

We do not exchange old Keyrings, Cellphone protectors or Earth protectors. They still work in Europe, except for the sensitive protectors.

The Elhindra leaflet is almost ready to print. When they are delivered to us, we will send 10 copies for free to each one of you. We believe that this leaflet will be a good tool for marketing Elhindra. We need a little help though with the printing cost, so when you order more leaflets there will be a small prize. We will send an email with more information about this when the leaflet is ready.

All the best!

Thomas & Elisabeth