A world full of radiation

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are created each time electricity is produced, transported and consumed. EMF are invisible lines of force surrounding any electrical equipment. An electromagnetic field is a combination of two fields: an electric and a magnetic. All power lines, electrical installations and electrical devices produce both electric and magnetic fields. Electric and magnetic fields have different characteristics and may cause different biological effects. Magnetic fields are difficult to shield, while electric fields easily can be shielded or weakened by conductive objects (such as trees, buildings and human skin). The fields weaken with an increased distance from the source.

Are you disturbed by EMF?

We are constantly exposed to high levels of Artificial Radiation. Signs that may show that you are extra sensitive to electromagnetic fields can be that you have a bad sleep, you feel tired and lack of energy or maybe “mossy” in the brain. Our body is not adapted for continuous radiation. Today there are about 100 000 individuals in Sweden who suffer from EMF, but the real figure is most likely larger. There are also other factors that appear to contribute to an increasing number of electrosensitive people. Science has found links between a growing number of electrosensitive people with dental restorative materials, polluted water, heavy metals/chemicals in food and an unhealthy environment (such as ventilation, mold, building materials, etc.)

What happens in the body?

So far it has not been clarified what happens in the body when you are exposed to Electromagnetic fields. However, it is certain that the body’s cells start to vibrate. The stress in the cells causes the immune system to weaken, which in turn can lead to various diseases. Likewise, if a person who normally has been healthy, are exposed to Electromagnetic fields, his/her immune system may become so stressed that electrohypersensitivity is developed.  

According to Dr. Blank (see Blank & Goodman, 2011, Internat. J. Radiation Biol 87:409-15.) our DNA can act as a so-called Fractal Antenna. This means that the electrons in the DNA conducts electricity because the DNA contains several coils in the core with different wavelengths: Double helix = 1 nm; Chromatin fibre = 10 nm and Solenoid = 30 nm. 

These structures, which resemble coiled coils, are extra sensitive to a wide range of frequencies. When these coils are exposed to harmful frequencies cellular processes are introduced that lead to production of a stress protein. This means that a person is subject to a continuous stress protein reaction and therefore can become chronically ill.

Is it possible to recover from Electrical hypersensitivity?

Yes, you can! But it required some action. We have developed a protocol that has helped people to get back to a normal life again. Please contact us for more details.