Microscopic blood analysis is a procedure in which a therapist analyzes a drop of blood taken from your finger under a microscope. A TV screen is connected to the microscope and you can study your blood together with your therapist. Using this method, it is possible to track for example nutritional deficiencies, digestive disorders, fungi cover, bacterial infections and toxins in the body.

LBA – (Living) Blood Analysis

(Living) blood analysis is a quick, simple and reliable analysis of the blood’s condition. Blood image reveals the state of the blood cells as well as the blood plasma, which in turn provides important information about the condition of your health.

TBA – Dried blood analysis

Dried blood analysis is the study in which a few drops of blood is put on a piece of microscope glass and then is analyzed in a microscope. When the sample is dried a specific pattern occurs. This pattern, which is formed by various acids and other substances, serves as an indicator of reduced body functions.