Qigong is one of the treatment methods in TCM, which has a very long history. Old Chinese texts from the Han-dynasty (206 BC-220 BC) that include qigong have been found, but its history is most likely older than that.

But what is qigong? In one sentence qigong may be described as meditative movements to stimulate your body’s ability to heal. A more detailed description is that qigong are different methods to train body, mind and breath. The methods are designed to make your body movements, breath and focus coordinated in a healthy way. When you exercise, many things happen in the body. For example, your body organs, glands and muscles are oxygenated effectively. From this follows that different biochemical processes are stimulated. This is one of the reasons why many people learn qigong to treat and prevent stress-related problems.

In the West, we have sometimes a problem to grasp that body, mind and spirit are united. Many people has still the view that spirit is not even existing. This point of view has a background in the 18th century’s Philosophy of Science: from the so called Scientific revolution. During this period the idea of body and mind was separated. In other words, the body was defined to belong to nature and science, while the mind and spirit were defined to belong to culture and christianity. This separation resulted in tremendous effects for our culture, not least within medicine. One of the consequences is that satisfactorily medical theory is still missing concerning the relation between body, mind and spirit. This may be a reason why it is hard to understand the importance of qigong for a good health. In Chinese medicine, the separation of body, mind and spirit was never made.

Today, it is not that controversial to talk about unity between body, mind and spirit; most likely because of the development of for example mindfullness. But sometimes a deeper understandning how this unity may be understood is missing. In that context, qigong has a lot to offer because of its long history.

After many years of training and playing with qigong, I hope to be able to pass on what I have found and in this way pep you to discover what qigong has to offer!

With a regular training you may:

  • enhance your body knowledge and mindfulness
  • strengthen your muscles and your skeleton
  • relieve cronical pain
  • enhance the immune system
  • improve your sleep
  • understand yourself better which in turn may lead to that you easier may change and develop  your life in the way you wish
  • and more…..